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Database Testing:-

The database is used to store application data under the table format. It is used to store information of an application permanently using various database software tools.

Database Testing also checks that all field of the form element is inserting successfully or not. check the performance of an application during data communication, the security of an application from frontend to backend and we also check the SQL Injection problem.

SQL Injection is used to get database data without any permission using SQL parameters.

It is mostly managed by a database developer or technical testing team.

Database Software name:-


Database developers use SQL queries to test database-related operations, for example, if we have a registration page then we enter all details and check that these details are inserted in the database table.

Database testing also checks the complete content of the application is inserted on the database table.

We will also check the SQL injection problem on the database part from the application data.

The database is the most important part of software testing because if database testing will be failed then the complete application can be crashed.

Database table should contain all columns datatype and size relevant as per application forms.

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