Classification of JAVA

Classification of JAVA:-


1) J2SE  :-   Java to Standard Edition ,It is used to create standalone (Desktop) application using Java.

                   It is also contain Core Concept of Java.

                   1.1)   Java Fundamental
                   1.2)   OOPS
                   1.3)   Exception
                   1.4)   File Handling
                   1.5)   Threading
                   1.6)   GUI Programming (AWT,SWING,APPLET,JAPPLET)
                   1.7)   JDBC

2)  J2EE :-    Java to enterprise edition ,it is used to create WEB and Enterprise application using                             JAVA. 
               2.1)   JSP
               2.2)   Servlet
               2.3)   State Management
              2.4)   J2EE Framework  (SPRING,SPRING MVC,HIBERNATE)

3) J2ME:-   Java to micro edition ,It is used to create Java application for small device. Java Mobile Application for Mobile device has been developed by J2ME

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