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1)Command to create database

use databasename

use stuinfo  (stuinfo is the database)

2) Show database name

db   (show only current database)

show dbs  (show all databases)

3)  Create table in mongo db


4) db.dropDatabase()  

Collection:-  using this we can store  different type of data similar to JSON pattern ,if we want to store multiple records into mongodb database then we use collection().


how we show collection()

show collections

find record


OperationSyntaxExampleRDBMS Equivalent
Equality{<key>:<value>}db.mycol.find({"by":"tutorials point"}).pretty()where by = 'tutorials point'
Less Than{<key>:{$lt:<value>}}db.mycol.find({"likes":{$lt:50}}).pretty()where likes < 50
Less Than Equals{<key>:{$lte:<value>}}db.mycol.find({"likes":{$lte:50}}).pretty()where likes <= 50
Greater Than{<key>:{$gt:<value>}}db.mycol.find({"likes":{$gt:50}}).pretty()where likes > 50
Greater Than Equals{<key>:{$gte:<value>}}db.mycol.find({"likes":{$gte:50}}).pretty()where likes >= 50
Not Equals{<key>:{$ne:<value>}}db.mycol.find({"likes":{$ne:50}}).pretty()where likes != 50

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