Plugin Integration in wordpress

Plugin Integration in WordPress:-

Plugin:-  it is used to provide external features in WordPress web application.if you want to add any dynamic features in WordPress then plugin is required.

for example, if you want to create a contact us form then the plugin will help you to create contact us form.

WordPress provide a contact form plugin to create a contact form.

if you want to create a plugin then also you can create a plugin by scratch.

wordpress provide multiple predefine plugin to create form ,social media ,login ,dashboard,gallery,portfolio,subscriber options.

1) form maker plugin

1.1)  download plugin from google to type form maker plugin in WordPress then extract zip folder and put into wp-content/plugins then install the plugin 

1.2)  manage plugin options using sidebar (create the form)

1.3)  publish plugin

1.4)  integrate plugin

      using shortcode we can integrate the plugin
      this code is also called pseudo code
      using PHP code, we can integrate the plugin  

1.5 if you want to show submitted data then again go into the dashboard and click on plugin options and click on submit.


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