What is software testing ?


It is the most important phase of SDLC(software development life cycle) which is used to provide quality assurance and quality control to developed or developing applications.
Quality assurance is used to provide assurance to customers and clients both for application. for example, customers do online payment transactions, if any payment issues will arise in the system then quality assurance will be failed.
Quality assurance is basically used to implement a product-driven approach and it is implemented into a stable software product.
Quality control is used to provide accuracy into the existing software application, it is basically used in a process-based software product.
Process-based software launches different versions to implement quality control.
How to implement software testing in real-time applications:-
It is used to check that the actual result or output of an application is matching from the expected result (client requirement).
We will match software requirements from SRS (software requirement specification) and check that the actual result of an application is matching from the expected result.
AR == ER
Type of software testing:-
Testing has been defined by three different types.
1)  Functional Testing
2) Non-Functional Testing
3) Maintenance Testing
1)  Functional Testing:- 
It is used to check the functionality of an application with reference to SRS (Software Requirement Specification documents) and FRS(Functional Requirements Specification).
for example, if we check the login form using the valid and invalid credentials to verify login functionality then it is called functional testing.
100+ type of functional testing is defined by QA industry, we will discuss one by one in further session some important functional testing is
Blackbox testing, white-box testing, gray box testing, alpha testing, beta testing, gamma testing, smoke, sanity, integration, unit, system, etc
It is used to check the functionality of an application using form elements, navigation, transaction, security, etc.
UI(user interface)  Testing is also a sub-part of functional testing.
it is used to check the layout of web pages, color combination, images, the margin between elements and sections, font family, etc.
2) Non-functional:-
This testing is mostly used to check the Performance and Security of an application.Some important types of non-functional testing names:-
Performance testing, load testing, stress testing, Volume, Endurance, and Scalability  Testing is the most important type of Non-Functional Testing.
for example, we want to check the load time and performance scorecard of an application.
Standard load time 0.5s to 3 seconds Excellent
                               3 seconds to 5 seconds is good
                               5 to   7 second  Average
                               more than 7 seconds fail
There are many free software online and offline tools available to check performance or load time scores.
3)  Maintenance:-
This will be implemented when the application will be live or in a production environment, if some new requirements are added or any bug will be raised during implementation then maintenance testing will be implemented in the application.
This testing will be handled by the Support team or maintenance team.
Example of testing:-
Check Login of  EROOMRENT (www.eroomrent.in)
Some Examples of Functional, and Non-functional testing in application
1)  Functional Testing:-  
It is used to check the functionality of the Login form, Registration Form, Search Form, Booking, and Transaction all these features are included in Functional Testing.

Test data:- Valid email id and valid password
If we will check the Performance, Load Time, UI, Color combination, and responsiveness of an application then it is called non-functional testing.
click for a live session of software testing.
gtmatrix.com is the site where we can check the load time of an application.
2) Non-functional testing:-  It is used to check the performance and load of an application, it is mostly implemented under Automation Testing.
Process of Software Testing?
1) Manual testing:-
If we implement testing operations without using any software tools then it is called manual testing.
Manual testing operation is best for the waterfall model but it takes more time and resources on AGILE Model.
We will create a Test case report, Bug report, Test tracking report manually using MS Excel documents or JIRA Software tools.
100% automation testing is not possible because Test scenarios, Test Data, Test Cases, Bug reports that phases of software testing will be implemented manually.
Device Integration Testing, OS Operation Testing, Hardware & Software Testing, Cross-browser Testing, GUI Testing. Captcha Integrated form.
2)  Automation Testing:-
It will provide a test script using programming languages to implement testing operations, it can be reusable and provide easiness on Regression testing. We will use ready-made software tools to perform automation testing.
Functional Testing:-  Selenium, QTP
Mobile Automation Testing:-  APPIUM
Performance Testing:-   Load Runner
Unit Testing:-  JUnit

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