Polymorphism in OOP'S in JAVA

Polymorphism in OOP'S in JAVA:-

Poly Means MANY and Morphism means Forms.using these features of OOP's We can User Same name method and operators into multiple forms.

Polymorphism Provide Better Reuseility and Flexibility in Program.

Constructor By Default Provide Function Overloading Concept.

Because We Can Create Different Type of Constructor for Different Functionalities

JAVA Not support Operator Overloading Concept because We can not re-define operator definition.

Type of Polymorphism:-

1 Static Polymorphism:-  It will perform the operation at compile time

Function Overloading is the implementation of Static Polymorphism.

2 Dynamic Polymorphism:-  It will perform the operation at runtime using Object.
Function Overriding is the example of Dynamic Polymorphism.

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