How Selenium IDE Works?


Selenium IDE:-

It is independent software tools of selenium which will be added on a web browser.
initially, selenium IDE was developed for Firefox Browser but now it can be used in the chrome browser.
it provides record and plays editor to record application before the condition and after condition.
it generates test script by default using the JAVASCRIPT Program code.
we can customize the generated script and create the script manually.
parameters of selenium IDE:-
selenium IDE has categorized into three mandatory component
1 command:-
it is used to perform the dynamic operation in an application for example if we want to click then click command will be used. if we want to open any web application web page then the open command will be used.
2 target:-
it is called locator which is used to find the element under web pages.we will define the complete path of the element.
3 value:-
it is used to define the value of a particular element.
it is optional for some command and mandatory for other's

Type of Locators:-
1 By Name
2 By Id
3 By CSS Selector
1 BY tag name and id
css= tagname#id
2  By Tagname and Classname
3 By  Tagname and Attribute
css = tagname[attribute=value]
4 By Tagname, class name, and attribute
4 By Xpath:-
XPath means the path of the element from HTML/body to element.

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