Type of System Testing

Type of Software Testing:-

Now 100+ Types of System Testing will be implemented into IT Industry.

Now I am providing the name of some important System Testing.

1 Blackbox

2 Whitebox

3 gray box

4 alpha

5 beta

6 gama

7 smoke

8 sanity

9  database

10 ad-hoc:-

  It is unstructured testing means we can perform the testing operation without using any sequence, we can implement testing from any modules component.

10.1  monkey:-

Using this we can jump from one module to another module and implement combine test cases.

Monkey testing is the type of random testing because without using documents we will test the application using domain knowledge.

it will be implemented before UAT (user acceptance testing).

for example, first, we click on a cart after that go on the filter and then check footer navigation,it has no sequence then it is the part of monkey testing. 

 10.2  gorilla:-

     Using this we can check the same component multiple times with different test data and test flow.

 for example, we check the login module from 100+ combinations of user-id and password.

10.3 paired:-
         Two testers are assigned in the same modules, share ideas, and work on the same machines to find defects. One person can execute the tests and another person can take notes on the findings. The roles of the persons can be a tester and scriber during testing.

10.4 buddy:

Two buddies mutually work on identifying defects in the same module. Mostly one buddy will be from the development team and another person will be from the testing team and they will cross-check functionality.

11 boundary value testing or equivalence partition testing

12 UI testing or GUI Testing

13 compatibility testing

14 component testing

15 comparison testing

16 Regression testing

17 load testing

18 stress testing

19 security testing

20 user acceptance testing

21 pilot testing

22 performance testing

      1 load
      2 stress
      3 soak
23 recovery testing

24 migration testing

25  end to end testing

26  spike testing

27 hardware /software

28 Scaleability

29 Reliability

30 Regularity & compliances

31 Example Testing

32 Exploratory Testing

33 Happy Path Testing:-

If we test the particular module using positive values not negative values then we perform happy path testing.

Happy Path Testing will be mostly completed at the time of development by the developer.

34 Incremental Integration testing:-

       Using this we will test multiple modules one by one according to the development scenario.
       Incremental testing always will be performed by the testers of Incremental Model or Agile

35 Agile testing:-

Agile testing will be started from the first day of the project because the testing team is part of a complete agile team.

Agile is also subdivided into the project on modules and provides the development of an application using a small build to complete the build.

36 install/uninstall testing:-

Using this we will install the software product on different devices and uninstall them.

37 Mutation testing:-

38 Negative Testing

39 Risk-based testing

40 Static Testing

41 Vulnerability testing

42 Volume testing

43 API Testing

44 A/B Testing

45 Fuzz Testing

46 I18N Testing

47 L18N Testing

48 Structured Testing

49) Regression Testing

50)  Install/Uninstall Testing

51)  Usability Testing

52)  Recovery Testing

53) Penetration Testing


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