What is Codeigniter

What is Codeigniter:-

it is an MVC framework that is used to distribute the code in a layered architecture.

M means Model which is used to provide database connectivity operation.

V means View:-  it will contain the design layer of an application using HTML, CSS, JS, and Jquery.

C means Controller:- it will contain the Program Code or Program Logic of an application.
it is a start-up layer of an application.

MVC is a design pattern to distribute the project on multiple project layers.

The flow of MVC:-

 1                         View
Controller ->

means the first controller will be loaded then the view will load after that model will load by the controller.

Advantage of CI:-

1 Light-weight Framework as compare to other MVC Framework of PHP. such as Laravel, Symphony, Zend, CakePHP, YI

2 Easy to install and Use for developer

3 Best in Security

4 Provide Rich Functionality

5 Provide Best API Support

6 Fully Open Source and Free Software

7 Contain Separate Directory for System based library in an application.

How to use CI?

STEP 1s:-  Download CI and put it into C:/xampp/htdocs folder

Step2nd:- Open localhost/foldername it will open the Welcome controller and view

Folder Structure of CI:-

CI contains three different folders.

1 Application:-

it is used to contain Controller, Model, View, Config, and different folders to write code.

2 System:-

it is used to contain the predefined library of CI.

3 User_Guide:-  

it will contain the complete tutorial of CI.

Create a Hello World Program in CI?


Create Controller under Application/Controller

class Classname extends CI_Controller
     function index()



2 Create View using Application/View Folder

Create .php file and Write Html Code View name should be the same which is defined on the Controller index method

3 Open Application/config/routes.php

Set Default_Controller to this Controller

class Hello extends CI_Controller
     function index()



helloview.php of application/views
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Welcome in CI</h1>

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