JVM means Java Virtual Machine, It provides complete Runtime Environment to Execute Java Byte Code.

JVM is the part of JRE means when we install JRE in the machine then JVM Environment will be created by default.

JVM Component:-

1 ClassLoader SubSystem

1.1) Loading

1.2) Linking

1.3) Initialization

2 Memory Area

2.1) Method Area  ----> Provide allocation to static method completely and address of the dynamic method. The method name is the address identifier of the method.

2.2) Heap Area  ----> is used to create a memory for an object at runtime.

2.3) Stack Area ----->  It is used to contain the address  for Stack

2.4) PC-Register  ----> It is used to perform arithmetic, logical, and other operations.

2.5) Native method Area:-  It is used to contain Area for Other programming method code such as C and Cpp

3 Execution Engine

3.1) Interpreter:-  it will read all byte code content line by line and prepare the outcome.

3.2) JIT or Runtime Compiler:-  Convert Outcome of byte code to machine code

3.3) Garbage Collector:- Manage Automatic memory management

4 Native method interface & Library:-  It will provide a data dictionary to the native code of java using the native library.

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