Operator Concept in Java


It is used to perform an operation using operand.The operator will be defined as a method but implement as a symbol.

The operand can be variable, constant or literals.

Type of Operator:-
1 Unary operator:-  We will use a single operand to perform the operation.

1.1 Increment:-  it is used to increase value by one.

post increment:-   a++

First, perform other operation then increase value.

pre increment:-    ++a

First Increment then perform other operation
b=a++; //assign ,increase
System.out.println("a="+a+" b= "+b)

Important example of increment and decrement:-
class IncrDemo
    public static void main(String args[])
         int a=2;
         int b=3;
         b=a-- + a-- + ++a + --a + a++;
       //4  2     1      1    0  0  1
         System.out.println("a="+ a++ +" b= "+ ++b);


Binary operator:-
it uses a minimum two operands to perform the operation

1 Arithmetic:- +,-,*,/,%

2 Conditional: <,>,<=,>=

3 Comparison:-  

3.1) == :-      it is used to compare value type element

3.2) equals():-  it is used to compare reference type element

4 Assignment:-

it is used to assign the value into a variable

4.1) Simple Assignment  =

4.2) Complex Assignment or shorthand operator

      +=       a+=2  or a=a+2
      -=        a-=2  or  a=a-2
      *=       a*=3 or   a=a*3
      /=        a/=2  or   a=a/2
     %=      a%=5  or a=a%5

5 Logical Operator:-  it is used to checking condition using the different logical symbol

&&:-  it will return true when all condition will be true

| |:-  it will return true when the particular condition will be true

!:-  it is just opposite of true statement and converts to false

3 Ternary operator:-

it is used to check condition using single-line statement.

result = (Condition)?true:false;

result = (Condition)?(condition)?true:(Condition)?true:false);


1) WAP to check greatest number using three different number?

2) WAP to check middle number using three different number?

3) WAP to check vowel-consonant without using logical operator?

4) WAP to check divisibility of number that it is divisible by 3 and 5 individual and in combination?

5) WAP to check leap year with all condition?

1.2 Decrement:-  it is used to decrease value by one

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