Operator in Python:-

The operator in Python:-

It is used to perform operations using operand, the operand can be variable, constant, and literals.

a=10  # a is an operand
A=(10)  #A is constant
10     #10 is the literals

Operator has been defined as a predefined function . for example  if we call +,- operator then + has been defined as a  __add__()  ,- defined as __sub__()

This operator type function is called magic function in Python.

Python provides seven different types of operators:-

1 Arithmetic:-   +,  - ,  *,  /  ,  //  ,    **

/   true division  4/3   1.33

//  floor division  4/3  1   it provides least integer part and removes the fractional part

c= a/b  2.5  true division
d= a//b  2    floor division

** is is for power  3**2  =9

2 Conditional:-

   It is used to check the condition-based statement that condition is true or false
    < ,  >,  <=,   >=,   !=

3 Assignment:-

   It is used to assign the value into a variable
  3.1 Simple  =

  3.2 Complex  +=  ,-=,  *=,   /=,   %=

  a+=1  or a=a+1

4 Logical:-

   4.1  and   it will return true when all condition will be true  ( a>b and a>c )
   4.2   or    it will return true when the particular condition will be true  (a>b or a>c)
   4.3        it is opposite of true statement and returns value into false

5 Comparison:-

 ==  it is used to compare the value of variable and constant

Identity Operator:-
    it is used to compare values of objects for example if we want to compare List, Tuple, Dictionary, and Set Objects then we use Identity Operator.

    is:-   return true if both object address is equal
    is not:-  return false if both objects refer to a different address

7 Membership Operator:-

   It is used to check that element is present or not in LIST, TUPLE, Dictionary, Set

   IN   it will return true if data is available

   NOT IN it will return true if data is not available

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