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Recovery testing:-

It is used to check the backup of application data if the application will be crashed. the testing team will check recovery options, option in the application to monitor the recovery process.
for example, if an operating system crashes then o/s provide recovery tools to recover data.
Cloud is the best option for data recovery hence for the modern application, we check cloud support.

Migration Testing:-

It is used to migrate software applications from the development environment to the actual environment and check that software is working properly or not.

for example, if we develop the application in the localhost and host it into a Live environment that will be managed by Migration Testing.

End To End Testing:-

Using this we will test the application from starting component to end component means complete software testing. It is mostly used in regression testing.

Spike Testing:-

It is the part of performance testing, we can check application to increase or decrease system load and monitor application performance.

Hardware /Software Testing:-

we will check the hardware and software specification of an application on the basis of requirement specification documents which will be created at analysis time.

Hardware:-  RAM (min,max,average),Rom,Processor
Software:-    Operating system, software packages, database server


It is the performance testing where we monitor system performance during actual uses and decide system terms of its ability to scale up or scale down the number of user requests or other such performance measure attributes


Using this we will provide test assurance to end user's that application is bugless they can use the application in a live environment. using this we will provide all testing efforts, test documents, test flow, the strength of an application.

Regularity & compliance:-

We will check the application using different input values and provide confirmation to end-users that the software working model is is basically used to the electronic device and remote controlling based software application.

Example Testing or Comparison Testing:-

It is similar to comparison testing, we will check the application using a referral application.

 Exploratory Testing:-

This will be tested by the self-learning skills of the application without using any test planning and referral documents.
first, we learn the complete application flow then test the application according to your own opinion.

when we check or play the game application then it is part of exploratory testing.

Happy path testing:-

we will check the application using positive data, not negative datadeveloper mostly prefer Happy Path Testing.

Mutation testing:-

Using this we can change the source code of an application and check there process that the application is working or not. if the application is working properly then we can raise a bug to the development team.
It is the part of Whitebox testing of an application.

Risk-based testing:-

using this we can check the weak point of an application using a high volume of data and check risk factors. ethical hacking team involve in this testing and try to hack the site content.

Static Testing:-

This type of testing only checks the static content of an application means if we check documents and diagram, RTM, TEST CASES, BUG REPORT, TEST REPORT then it is part of Static Testing.
System analyst or business analyst do static testing.

Vulnerability testing:-

It is part of risk-based testing where the testing team will check the weak point of an application and try to resolve it by the developers.

API Testing:-

API means Application programming interface using this testing team will cross check SMS, email, payment gateway, notification all these functionalities in an application.

API is used to communicate the data from one platform to another platform using Web services URL, method, and protocol.

API is generally used to communicate data of the database to a different platform, it can be mobile, desktop, and web.

Nowadays API is the most popular approach to develop applications then it is the most challenging part to test that API provides a correct result, secure and reliable to data communication.

for example

and we check that, it is working properly or not.

for example, if we want to check data selection based web services or API then
we can simply open this URL under a web browser, if this URL  return data into JSON or XML format then we are assured that web services are working properly.

JSON means Javascript object notation to display API data.

It is a human-readable form that means we can easily understand JSON data.

IF the API method is HttpGET then we can check it using URL, but if the API method is HttpPost, HttpPut, and HttpDelete then we will use some API testing tools.

API testing tools:-  PostMan, Swagger, 

What you should know before testing API

1)  URL:-

2)  Method :-   GET,POST,PUT,DELETE

3)  If the method is POST, PUT, and DELETE then you should know the parameters and sending approach(header, body)

4)  If you use POST, PUT, Delete then the input key should know

When we implement API testing then you should have the following information

HTTP Method:-  GET, POST, Put, Patch, and Delete.

GET API can be easily tested, we can directly hit the link under the browser address bar and it will open the content.


Method:-  GET

If API method are POST, PUT, PATCH and Delete then we can not show API response directly it should be tested by Automation API tools such as POSTMAN, SWAGGER, etc.

How to install postman

go into chrome web store and install it.



Request Method:- post

Input Parameters name,pwd,email

Output parameters:-   "msg" => "Done User added!"

API Testing using Swagger:-

You can install Swagger Inspector Extension Under Chrome to Test API.

We can also find tools by URL

View Dummy Url to check API Testing

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