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User Acceptance Testing, Pilot Testing, Soak Testing:-

User Acceptance Testing:-

Using this testing we will execute a complete application in-front of users to provide test assurance.

User Acceptance testing always will be performed before the delivery of actual software.

We provide 100% Customer satisfaction to application with User Acceptance Testing.

This testing can be done by the client also if the client can operate the software system.

Pilot Testing:-

This testing will test the actual application to execute an entire application multiple times.

means we can say that customers will implement a trial of an application to real-time data.

At a time multiple customers can check the application's functionality using pilot testing.

If we go car showroom and take a trial of CAR then it will be pilot testing.

We can evaluate the performance, cost, features of an application using this.

SOAK Testing:-

It is the type of performance testing where we check system performance with a periodic time interval.

it is similar to stress testing but we can manage performance testing based on time and load factor both.

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