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User Acceptance Testing:-

Using this testing we will execute complete application in-front of users to provide test assurance.

User Acceptance testing always will be performed before the delivery of actual software.

We provide Customer satisfaction to application with User Acceptance Testing.

This testing can be done by the client also if the client can operate the software system.

Pilot Testing:-

This testing will test the actual application to execute an entire application multiple times.

means we can say that customers will implement a trial of an application to real-time data.

At a time multiple customers can check the application's functionality using pilot testing.

If we go car showroom and take a trial of CAR then it will be pilot testing.

SOAK Testing:-

It is the type of performance testing where we check system performance with a periodic time interval.

it is similar to stress testing but we can manage performance testing based on time and load factor both.

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