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What is Compiler, Interpreter, Linker, Loader, Assembler in a Programming language?

Compiler:-   It is an intermediate machine that is used to convert the complete set of code from one language to another using a data dictionary.

A compiler is nothing it is a converter that is used to convert the source code to machine code according to technology.

The compiler always will convert the code using a group of lines.

C, CPP,  JAVA,  .NET these all use Compiler

Interpreter:-   It is used to read the program code line by line and execute then show the result by the operating system.

PYTHON,HTML,JS,PHP,RUBY these are languages use Interpretar.

Interpreter based language is also called   Script-based language.

Linker:-  It is used to link the program code from the same file or different file. all library functions, metadata, and other files also linked by Linker.
it will execute before compilation.

for example, if we create a method in one file and calling from another file then the linker will link both files then execute it.

Loader:-   It is used to load complete program code for program compilation under compiler.

Assembler:-  It is used to create an installation file or build to execute program code on another machine.  for example, if you download MS-office .exec then the .exe file is called an assembly file that will be de assemble when we install it.

The flow of all these components

1) Linker ------> loader -----> compiler ------> interpretar ----> compiler -----> assembler(.exe)

2) Linker ---> loader ----> Compiler -----> assembler


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