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What is Compiler, Interpreter, Linker, Loader, Assembler in a Programming language?

Compiler:-   It is an intermediate machine which is used to convert the complete set of code from one language to another using data dictionary.
The compiler always will convert the code using a group of lines.

C,CPP,JAVA,.NET these all use Compiler

Interpreter:-   It is used to read the program code line by line and execute then show the result.

PYTHON,HTML,JS,PHP,RUBY these are languages use Interpretar.

Interpreter based language is also called   Script-based language.

Linker:-  It is used to link the program code from the same file or different file.

for example if we create a method in one file and calling from another file then the linker will link both files then execute it.

Loader:-   It is used to load complete program code to program compilation under compiler or Program Execution under the loader.

Assembler:-  It is used to create an installation file or build to execute program code on another machine.

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