What is Netbeans?


It is IDE tools which provide a complete platform to compile and execute Java program.
Netbeans by default integrated with JDK and JRE tools.
IDE means Integrated Development Environment means we can perform multiple operations using a single platform.
NETBEANS is not only for JAVA .it support multiple programming language environments.
means we can write program for C++, PHP, ROR, PYTHON,HTML,ANGULAR ,JS,JQUERY etc.
How We Install Netbeans for Java:-
1 First Install JDK and JRE in your System.
2 Set path of JDK
4 Download Netbeans for J2SE or Complete
How we work on Netbeans:-
1 Start Netbeans
2 File ----> New Project---->JAVA--->JAVA Application---->Set  Projectname and Project Location ---> Click on Finish Button
3 It will by Default Provide Java Class Structure with the project name
4 Write Code on Class as per requirement
5 Right Click on editor window and choose Run file option
6 The program will compile and execute and provide result
How we show project explorer
Click on Window menu---> Click on Project
How we run the file using the shortcut
How we display System.out.println() using a shortcut?
type sout press TAB
How we create main() using shortcut?
type psvm press Tab
How we create for loop Structure?
write for press Tab

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