Program:-It is a set of instruction to complete the task. instruction can be mathematical, logical, conditional and comparison based.

a=10,b=20,c=a+b,display c

Programming language:-

It is a set of code to create program practically and load into compiler or interpreter.
Software is a set of program and program will be developed by set of code hence programming language is used to develop a software application.

Type of Programming languages:-

1 Based on Execution:-

1.1.1 low level:-  It will be executed directly under the operating system.

Binary Code, Assembly code

1.1.2  middle level:-  It will be executed by Single Intermediate means compiler to convert program code into machine code.


1.1.3  high level:-  It will be executed by minimum Two Intermediate means multiple compiler and interpreter.

Java,.NET, Objective-c, Kotlin, C#, VB these all are porgramming language is the part of high level.

2  Based on Structure

2.1 Structured:-  This type of programming language syntax structure and program flow is pre-define .program will be started by top to bottom or bottom to top approach.


Procedure, Function, Class

2.2 Unstructured:-  This type of programming languages has no proper structure, it can be executed from any position.


Without any procedure, function, class

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