Java Project Architecture


Project Architecture Provide Separate Layer to Manage Code .Java Project support three different type of architecture.
JSP  (design + code)  (1 Tier)
Servlet(design + code )(1 Tier)
JSP + Servlet (Design + Code)  2 Tier
JSP + Servlet + Datahelper  (Design + Code) 2 tier
3 3-Tier Architecture:-
  3.1  JSP for Designing
  3.2  Servlet for Programming
  3.2  Java Bean Class or POJO class for Database

What is Pojo Class  or Java bean Clas:-
POJO means Plain Old Java Object   it is used to contain application form data using Object and send to database server using JDBC or Hibernate
It is also called Bean class because it contain set of properties to store data.
class Student    //property ,constructor ,data member
    private int rno;
    private String sname;
    public void setRno(int rno)  #to store data in an object
   public int getRno()   #to get data from object
       return rno;

   public void setSname(String sname)
 public String getSname()
      return sname;
Download complete project code from this link.

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