RTM or Requirement Traceability Matrix


It provides a complete status of the test case report with all test scenarios,
 test case report status will be based on the Test scenario and Test module.  RTM cross-checks test case status and provides final test case status into RTM  documents.
if all test case report is passed then testing will be closed.
RTM will be handled and created by Test Lead because It is summarized documents for Test Cases Report status.
RTM has the Following  Parameters:-
1 ReqID:-  
It is a unique identification of RTM for each RTM document.
2) Requirement description or Business Requirement:-  
We will write a complete Test scenario to implement this.
3) TestCaseId:- 
It is defined as Test Case Report
4) Status:-  
If all Test cases will pass then the status will be passed otherwise status will be failed.

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