User Define function in Python

User Define function in Python :-

Function is used to subdivide the program code into different subroutine(partition).using function we can provide proper code structure to write python script. function provide understandably code pattern for programmer.
Function also provide modular approach to develop real time project.

Syntax of function:-

def Functionname():   #Definition

Functionname()   #Calling

Type of Function:-

1 Default :-

We can not pass any value from calling function to called function

1.1 With Return Type
def fun():
  return o/p

1.2 Without return type:
def fun():

2 Parametrized:-

we can pass value from calling function to called function

2.1 Required :- parameters is mandatory in required type arguments means if we take two arguments in function then both must be passed by calling function to called function.

def fun(a):

fun(10)  #correct
fun()  #error

2.2 Keyword based:-

we can provide keyword to calling function for called function.

def fun(a,b):


here a=10,b=20  is keyword based arguments

note:-  keyword name should be belongs from called function argument.

2.3 Default:-

using this we can define default value to called arguments ,if we not pass any value from calling function then default value will be assigned to called arguments.

def fun(a=10,b=20):

fun()   #30
fun(1)  #21
fun(1,2) #3

2.4 Variable length:-

It is used to managing multiple arguments from calling function to called will contain all calling arguments as a tuple .

def fun(*a):


*a will point the address of tuple of calling function.

Program explanation of tuple

def fun(*a):



3 Lambda Function:-

  it is called single line function of python because it will contain all functionality of function in a single line statements.

result = lambda args1,args2,...: statements


Example of Default and Parametrized function in python:-

def fun():
    print("Default Without Return Type")

def fun1():
    return "Default With Return Type"

def fun2(param):
    return "Param with Return Type"+param

def fun3(param):
    print("Param without return type"+param)

print(fun2("call param with return"))
fun3("call param without return")


1 ) WAP to calculate simple interest using keyword based return type function?

2) WAP to swap two list element using param with return type function?

3)  WAP to calculate Area of Triangle,Rectangle,Circle using default function in single file

4)  WAP to calculation addition substraction,multiplication and division using default with return type in single file.

3) WAP to swap two normal number using variable length arguments?

4) WAP to calculate area of circle using lambda function?

5) WAP to check that element is exist or not using linear search and binary search both using two different function ,function will be default with return type.

WAP to find max and second max element in LIST?

def maxprime(x):

 for i in range(0,len(x)):
    for j in range(2,x[i]):
        if x[i]%j==0:
    if flag:
        if max<x[i]:
        elif smax<x[i]:
 return max,smax
x =[2,13,56,67,18,88,45,97,12,1,5,71,79]

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