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Data structure is  a technique which is used to arrange the data using different data pattern ,it is mostly used to manage internal memory management of program,each and every programming language use data structure concept to implement data storage.

Type of Data Structure:-

1 Linear Data Structure:-

  1) Array  :-
      1,.1)  Array implementation to Add,Edit ,Delete Items from beginning,specific position and last
      1.2)  Array With Stack
     1.3)   Array With Queue
  2) LinkedList:-
     2.1)  LinkedList implementation to Add,Edit,Delete Items from begining,specific position and last.
    2.2)  LinkedList to Stack
    2.3)  Linked to Queue

2 Non-Linear Data Structure

 2.1) Tree
2.2) Graph


what is Program:-

Program is a set of instruction to implement software packages using Analysis,Deign and Code.

1) Analyses:-

      We will use Algorithm to implement complete analyses of project,it provide step by step sequence to develop program with input,logic ,condition,iteration and output.
 It will work on all factors of an application using space and time complexity.

 1 )Begin|Start
 2) [Declare a,b,c as Integer]
 3) [Accept a,b]
      4.1)  a:=a+b
     4.2)   b:=a-b
    4.3)    a:=a-b
 5)  [Display a,b]
6)   End

2) Design:-
    it provide step by step of flow of program using diagram  ,it is called flowchart.

     1)start|end --> oval

     2)  Condition --->  Diamond

    3)  Rectangle ------> Expression
    4) parallelogram :-   Input/Output
   5)  connector :-    It is used to connect processes using arrow

  6)   Arrow:-  dimension and decide direction for forward or reverse

3 Code:-    It is used to actual implementation of program for operating system,we can use low level ,middle level and high level programming languages to implement this task.
low level:-  this code will be directly executed by operating system binary code

middle level:-  we will use intermediate to convert code into machine code.


high level:-  It has self environment to complete and execute program code,


What is Array?

it is collection of elements of similar data type ,it provide index=>value pair to store data.
index will be started from 0 to size-1.

datatype arrayname[];

int arr[];

What is Array,Pointer,Structure?


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