Angular Framework Details


Angular Framework

It is an in-built framework of angular JS which provides a complete environment to create a dynamic web application.

Angular Framework based on CLI (Command Language Interface), CLI is the best platform to manage applications to create an environment , application, component, services, etc.

Angular Js and Angular framework are completely different, Angular JS is only for Single Page Web application but Angular Framework can be used in Web, Mobile, and Tablet application.

Angular Framework now used in create Hybrid mobile application development.

A hybrid application can be executed in Web and Mobile Both.


Angular JS uses JavaScript to create controller but Angular Framework uses Typescript to write code.TypeScript is Object-oriented Java Script whose extension .ts.

Angular JS uses only angular plugin but the Angular framework uses complete Angular CLI, Library, etc.

Angular JS only follows MVC Concept But Angular Framework Use MVC and HMVC Design pattern.

Angular JS use Web Services to store data into the database server, Angular Framework uses MongoDB,in-memory database and remote database server to communicate data from application to database.

Angular Architecture:-

1)  Module:-  It is used to provide a set of classes, Method which will be used in angular application.

2) Template:-  It is used to provide the design layer of an application using HTML, CSS, JS, and Jquery.

3) Component:-   IT is used to contain typescript code, template  Will be loaded by Component.

4)  Services:-  It is used to contain common program code that can be easily accessed under Component using Injection.  Service is used to implement  Dependency Injection.

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