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Java has classified into three different types.

Java technology has been divided into three different editions there have no core java and advanced java word for Java, Java has J2SE, J2EE, and J2ME.
Means Java divide into three different edition

1) J2SE  (Java to Standard Edition):- 

It is used to create a Desktop Application

1.1)  Java Fundamental (Variable,Operator,If--else,Loop,Array)

1.2) OOP'S

1.3) String

1.4) Exception

1.5) File Handling

1.6) Threading

1.7) GUI Programming (AWT, SWING)

1.8) DB Programming (JDBC)

1.9) Collection Framework

2) J2EE (Java to Enterprise Edition):-

It is used to create Dynamic Web Application, Enterprise application. Website, Web portal, and Web Software.

Without Framework:-

  2.1) JSP
  2.2) Servlet
  2.3) Java Bean Class
  2.4) DB Programming
  2.5) AJAX
  2.6) Session
  2.7) Cookie
  2.8) Navigation
2.9)  Filter
2.10)  Upload & download
2.11)  Template and design 

With Framework:-

2.9)    SPRING
     2.9.1) Spring MVC
     2.9.2) Spring Boot
     2.9.3) Core Spring
2.10) Hibernate  
2.11) EJB
2.12) Struts
2.1)   JAVA FX

3) J2ME (Java to Micro Edition):- 

it is used to create a small device application, it will be used in a mobile application that will work using the Symbian operating system.

Now, J2ME does not use more because Android and iOS mobile smartphones will be on-demand.


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