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Create First Program of PHP, How to create the first program using PHP

1) Download PHP Software Tools:-

    1.1) XAMPP Server:-   It provides Apache Web Server, MYSQL Database Server, PHP Script, and Pearl Script. It is common for all operating system  (Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris, Unix, Android)

   X----> ANY
   A ---->  Apache
   M ----> MYSQL
   P-----> Pearl
   P------> PHP

1.2) WAMP, LAMP, MAMP is the other software tools of PHP

     WAMP is specially for  Windows (W--Windows,A--> Apache,M--> MYSQL,P-->PHP)
     LAMP  is specially for LINUX   (L--> LINUX,A---> Apache,M--> MYSQL,P-->PHP)
     MAMP is specially for MAC      (M-->MAC,A--> Apache,M-->MYSQL,P---> PHP)

download xampp from this link

2)  Open XAMPP Control Panel:-

      Click on Desktop xampp icon  and click on the apache start button
      if not present in desktop icon then go c://xampp/xampp-control.exe

3)  open notepad and create .php file

under c:/xampp/htdocs/foldername (create new folder first time and save file)


echo "hello world";


save php file using .php extension

4)   open browser and type localhost/folder name  

Internal Working of PHP:-

When we click on a file or direct URL from browser address bar then it will create HttpRequest Object and Send to Apache Web Server.

Apache Web Server will get requests,process the requested file , generate a result, and convert the result into HTML form and send back to the browser using HttpResponse Object.

Url locate Server Address using localhost or remote server.

for example, http://localhost/php11/Demo1.php is a localhost URL for testing purpose or desktop-based web application.

for example  It is the remote URL because is domain name which points to a remote server 


1)  WAP to swap two numbers?

2)  WAP to calculate simple interest?


$si = ($p*$r*$t)/100;
echo "Result is ".$si;


3) WAP to calculate the area of triangle or rectangle?


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