Python Datatype Concept:-


Datatype:-  It is used to provide size and pattern of data in program.Python not use datatype in variable ,it will be automatically managed by assigned data hence python datatype  is also called loosely coupled type.hence we can re-assign any other type of data in same identifier.

Single variable can be used into multiple forms to assign multiple type data.

Type of data type:-

int:-       it is used to contain integer value ,python provide int() to convert numeric String to integer.

  a= int("123")

float:-  it is used to contain decimal value,python use float() to convert numeric String to float

a = float("12.345")

String:- String means collection of chars using proper sequence,Python use  Single,Double and Triple (' '," ",""" """) to declare String.

s= 'hello'
s= "hello"
s= """hello"""

""" is used to write multi-line text means we can change the content on different tab index,space and line.

Program Explanation of String :-

s= 'welcome'
s= "welcome"
s= """welcome in shiva concept solution
      best training center """

str() is the predefined method of String class which is used to convert int,float or other type of data into String form.

print(1 + "hello")  #error
print(str(1)+"hello")  #1hello
print("hello"+ "world")  #helloworld

chr:-     it is used to convert ASCII CODE to particular char

0 to 9  :-   48 to 57

A to Z :-   65 to 91

a to z:-      97 to 123

print(chr(48))  0
print(chr(97))  a

ord:-   It is used to convert char to ASCII Code

print(ord('a'))  #97

complex:-   It is used to convert real number to complex number

data = complex(real number,imaginary number)

data = complex(2,3)
print(data)  #2+3j








1)  WAP to reverse five digit number without using Loop?

Solution of this program:-
num = int(input("enter number")) #12345
print("Before reverse data is ",num)
a = num%10  #5
num=num//10 #1234
b = num%10  #4
num=num//10 #123
c= num%10   #3
num= num//10  #12
d= num%10   #2
e= num//10  #1

data = a*10000+b*1000+c*100+d*10+e*1
print("After reverse data is ",data)

2)  WAP to perform addition and multiplication of complex number?

Solution of this program:-

'''a = complex(int(input("enter real number")),int(input("enter imaginary number")))
b = complex(int(input("enter real number")),int(input("enter imaginary number")))

a = int(input("enter real number"))
b = int(input("enter imaginary number"))
c = int(input("enter real number"))
d = int(input("enter imaginary number"))
r= a+c
i = b+d
print(str(r) + "+" + str(i) +"i")

3)  WAP to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

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