Python Operator concept

Python Operator Concept:-

It is used to perform operation using operand ,operand can be variable,constant and literals ,Python has multiple operator similar to c language to implement mathematical, logical ,conditional and comparison operation.

all operator of PYTHON  has been defined as a predefine method which is called magic function in python.

for example if we use + operator then it will call to def __add__(): to perform addition between two number's.

Type of operator:-

1) Arithmetic:-      +, - , *, /(true division), // (floor division) ,%,** power

Example of Arithmetic operator:-

2) Conditional or Relational :-  It is used to solve condition based problem that condition is true or false.

 <    Less then
<=   Less then equal to
>     Greater then
>=    Greater then equally

3) Comparison Operator:-   it is used to compare two different value

!= not equal to
== equal to

4) Assignment Operator:-  It is used to assign the value of variable in program.

a=5  means 5 value will be assign into a

4.1)  Simple Assignment


4.2)  Complex Assignment:-  we can assign data as well as perform other operation

        +=      a+=2  or  a=a+2
        -=       a-=5   or  a=a-5
       *=       a*=5   or  a=a*5
       /=        a/=3    or a=a/3
      //=        a//=4   or a=a//4

5) Logical Operator:-   It is used to manage multiple statements under conditional statements and return true and false value.

and :-   it will return true when all condition will be true

   a>b and a>c   it means a should be greater b and c both

or :-  it will return true when particular condition will be true

  a>b or a>c

not:-  it is just opposite of true statement.

6) identity operator :-

  is       :-   it will return true when variable will point to same address.

  is not  :-  it is opposite of "is operator".

7) Membership operator :-

 in :-  It will return true when element will be exist on List

 not in :-  It is just opposite .


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2)  WAP to calculate electricity bill where unit price ,total consumption will be entered by the user?

3) WAP to calculate Compound Interest?

4) WAP to reverse five digit number where first and last digit will be same?

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