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---Display Report and Testing Installation---


1) Open eclipse -----> Help----> Eclipse Marketplace.

1.1) A new window would open up, wherein you need to type “TestNG” in the Find text box and click on the Go button.

1.2) You will now see the search results with TestNG for Eclipse at the top. All you need to do now is click on the Install button next to it.

1.3) Select “Keep my installation the same” option and again click on the Confirm button.

After successfully installation res-start eclipse.

2) Create New JAVA Project -----> Build Path---> Add Selenium JAR File-

3)  Build Path---> Add Library

4) Create Package and Create TestNG Class

5)  Right Click on TestNG Class and Run by TestNG

6)  Refresh the Project folder to right-click on the project and choose the refresh option.

7)  it will create test-output and open index.html to right-click on file and show report

if TestNG not installed then you can follow another installation step to visit this site.

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