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ASP.NET MVC Interview Question :-

1)  What is global.aspx file

2)  what  is web.config file ,how we write connection string ?

3)  What is authentication and authorization in ASP.NET ,how many ways to implement authentication?

4)  What is ViewState ,How many type of ViewState in .aspx?

5)  What is difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer()?

6)  What is State management  ?

7)  How many type of Session Object will be created  in ASP.NET Classic?


9)  Difference between SQLDatasource and ObjectDataSource Control?

10) How we can implement AJAX  using server side and client side both.

11)  What is user control,template control and custom control in ASP.NET?

12)  Report generation in ASP.NET classic?

13)  ASP.NET Page life cycle?

14)  How you can count number of current users in particular page and all application?

 15)  What is Cache ,how many ways to impelment Cache?

16)  How we call stored procedure out parameters ?

17)  What is pre_init and load event?

18)  What is Themes and Skin in ASP.NET ?

19)  What is Globalization and Localization in ASP.NET MVC?

20)  How we can send data from one web page to another using query String?

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