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Datatype Concept in C#:-

It is used to provide a pattern of data and the size of data in memory.

C# has two different types of Datatype

1)  Primitive:-   It Supports all datatype of C and CPP languages.

int     --------->  4byte

float  ----------> 8byte

char  -----------> 2byte

String  --------->  Based on no of chars

boolean  ------>  It return true or false value

2)  Derived Datatype:-   This type of Datatype was specially Created by .NET Framework

object:-   It can contain all type of elements

StringBuilder:-  It is used to contain String type data

class:-   It is used to define the characteristics of object

Structure:-  It contains a collection of datatype

Enumeration:-  It is called Constant Array

Array:-   It can contain elements in Proper Sequence

Collection:-   It Can contain a similar and di-similar type of elements

DateTime:-  It Can contain Date Time Values.


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