What is ADO.NET Entity Framework

In it an Enhancement of ADO.NET because ADO.NET use SQL query hence it's performance and security is less as compare to EF( Entity Framework).

ADO.NET Use   Predefined Classes and Methods to perform database operation using Drivers and Providers which take more time to execute SQL query under Database server.

Entity Framework Will Map Complete Database using Different  Entity Classes in an application means we can directly reflect data of an application under entity framework without using any intermediate hence it will provide better performance and Security as compare to ADO.NET.

Entity Framework is also called ORM means Object Relational Mapping because It can map multiple tables using multiple classes with Primary Key and Foreign Key Constraint.

How many ways to implement ADO.NET Entity Framework Operation:-

1)  Data First Technique   :-  First we create database under Database Server Then we create application and use database server under it.

2)  Code First Technique

3)  Model First Technique

ADO.NET use SQL Query But ADO.NET Entity Framework use LINQ Query to perform operation from application to database server.

LINQ means Language Integrated Query ,It provide query expression using c# and vb language with predefine classes and method.

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