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What is Database?

The database is used to store information permanently under database software using DBMS, RDBMS, and ORDBMS.

DBMS means Database management System:-     It is used to store data using file patterns, we can not establish a relationship between records.  means we can not create primary key and foreign key concept .for example .xls,.xlsx, Foxpro, and the XML file is the example of DBMS.

RDBMS  Relational Database Management System:-   Using this we can store record using rows and tuples, means using RDBMS we can establish a relationship between tables using primary key and foreign key.


SQL Language is used in RDBMS pattern, SQL means Structured query language which provides a set of commands to perform the operation.

ORDBMS  Object-Relational Database Management System:-
Using this we can store records using Object Pattern similar to Object-oriented programming language.

ORACLE 12c,13,c.......   ORDBMS.

Important Command-List Of SQL:-

Create:-  It is used to create a table

Create Table Tablename(Columnname dataytype,Columnname datatype,...);

Create Table Student(rno int,sname varchar(50));

Insert:-   Add record using rows:-

insert into Student(rno,sname) values(rno,sname);

Update:-  Update data of the particular row

update tablename set columnname=values ,columnname=values where columnname=value.

Delete:-  Delete data from row

delete from table name where columnname=value;

Select:-    to show record from the database

select * from tablename;

select * from Student;

select * from student where rno=100;

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