Angular JS Introduction

Angular JS Introduction:-

It is a plugin of JavaScript which is used to create a dynamic web application using HTML+CSS+Bootstrap and web services.

Angular JS use MVC Design pattern to develop an application, MVC means model, view, and controller.

The model means data access layer, we will use a third party script such as PHP,Java,.NET, Node to create a model layer using API (application programming interface).

View means User access layer, we will use HTML 5+CSS3+Bootstrap  to create a user access layer.

 Controller means Business access layer, it will provide complete dynamic programming using JavaScript, Jquery, or typescript.

What is the difference between Angular and Angular JS?

Angular js is the 1.0 version of angular, initially angular use javascript without using the node package manager and node library hence it is called Angular JS. later on, new features added on Angular JS using node package manager and node library then it is called an angular framework.

Angular 2.0,4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0 version is the part of the angular framework because it will use typescript to write code.


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