Selenium IDE Locator Example

Selenium IDE Locator Example:-

In this selenium IDE tutorial, I am providing a Live example of how to create a script manually. using locator.

Locator is used to providing a complete path of HTML elements.

it is a testing page to do the practice of locators and commands.

TextField:-   it is used to take input from the user's

HTml Tag   <input type="text"   />

Possible locator  name,id,css selector,xpath

command:-    type

Hyperlink or anchor tag or link tag:- it is used to perform navigation from one web page to another

Html tag:-  <a href="">Link Text</a>

Possible locator:-  linkText,partialLinkText,xpath

command:-  click

class locator:-   if id and name field not found then we use class attribute using CSS selector:-   css= tag name.classname

id locator using CSS selector:-  if the same id attribute declared in multiple HTML tag then we will use id locator with CSS selector

<a href="" id="b">Home</a>      css=a#b   

<input type="text"  id="b" />   css=input#b


CSS selector with tag and attribute:-  if the HTML element does not contain id, name, class name then we can use this locator.

<input type="text" value="click"  />
<a href="scs">welcome</a>
<a href="welcome">welcome</a>

How to check the radio button:-

We always use CSS selector with tag and attribute to check radio because of radio button name always will be common.

<input type="radio" name="abc"  value="C"  />C

<input type="radio" name="abc" value="CPP" />CPP

The command for Radio Button:-  click

Locator for radio button   :-    css = input[value=CPP]


How to check Checkbox:-

We can perform check operations in multiple checkboxes because checkbox provides multiple check conditions simultaneously.

We can use the name locator in the checkbox if it contains a different name otherwise we can use CSS selector with tag and attribute.

<input type="checkbox" name="chk1"  value="C">C

<input type="checkbox" name="chk2"  value="CPP">CPP

at this situation, we can use the name locator 


locator:-    name=chk2

If checkbox will be this type

<input type="checkbox" name="chk1[]"  value="C">C

<input type="checkbox" name="chk1[]"  value="CPP">CPP


locator  css=input[value=CPP]

<input type="checkbox" value="C">C

<input type="checkbox" value="CPP">CPP


locator  css=input[value=CPP]

How to select a dropdown list or selectbox and Combobox:-

<select name="course" class="ddl">
<option value="">Select Course</option>
<option value="101">C</option>
<option value="102">CPP</option>

we can use name locator mostly in dropdownlist, if the name not found then we can use CSS with tag and attribute otherwise XPath

command select

locator    name=course
locator   css=select.ddl    (classname and tagname)
value:-  index=0


Listbox:-  It is used to Select Multiple Items 

<select name="course" class="ddl" multiple=true>
<option value="">Select Course</option>
<option value="101">C</option>
<option value="102">CPP</option>

command:-   add a selection
locator name=course or cssselector
value:-  index=1

using XPATH:-

It is the final locator to locate element, if web element do not locates by id, name, and CSS selector.

XPATH means XML path which will provide a complete path of web element from HTML root element to the current element.


<input type="text"   />
<input type="text"  />

XPath will be

xpath = //html/body/input[1]

xpath = //html/body/input[2]

xpath= //html/body/p

if a new  HTML element will be added in the page then XPath will be modified.

Type of Xpath:- 

1) Absolute Xpath:-  it is a complete path from root element to current for example if text field in under three-division then we will write the path of  //html/body/div/div/div/input

2) Relative Xpath:-  it will be managed by the current container element means we can co-relate the path from container to HTML element.

for example, if textfield contains under three consecutive div and the first div id is "abc" then this xpath will be related from ABC container.

<div id="a">

<div id="b">

<div id="c">

<input type="text"  />


Absolute xpath :-   //html/body/div/div/div/input

Relative xpath :-     //div[@id="c"]//input

If you want to get Live XPATH EXAMPLE:-

EXAMPLE on this Screen


Command                                              Target                                                                Value
open                                                 /testdemo.html                                   
type                                                 //html/body/input[2]                                              Vivek Soni

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