WordPress Dashboard Important Options


WordPress Dashboard Important Options?

WordPress is a CMS of PHP technology, CMS means content management system.
means WordPress provides a predefined dashboard using this we can easily create a dynamic web application.

without using code we can develop applications using content customization.

WordPress was launched to create blog based applications but now we can create all types of applications using WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the IT industry because non-technical users can also develop applications using WordPress.

If you do not want to code and create a dynamic web application then WordPress is the best choice for you.
now 90% of the Company WebSite has been developed using WordPress.

WordPress Component:-

1)  Theme:-

It is used to design user-interface in WordPress applications. lots of free themes available on google or wordpress.org you can download and use it, only minor customization is required for theme implementation.

Some popular theme

1)  Write Green Eye Theme on Google then download

2)  Write Onetone theme on google then download

2) Plugin:- 

It is used to provide dynamic features in WordPress application for example if you want to create any dynamic form then you can download the plugin.
Social media, SEO, Performance, Navigation, SMTP, many plugins are available you can download and use it.

3) Post:-  You can write unlimited articles using WordPress, It is best for blogger, portal, news website, etc.
Comment, like, Share option by default integrated with WordPress application development.

4) Page:-  You can create unlimited dynamic web pages using WordPress, all web pages content stored into 


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  1. what is difference between framework and CMS sir please explain

    1. framework not provide any dashboard it only provide design pattern for example CI is the framework ,but wordpress is CMS.
      Framework only developer can use because programming knowledge is required for framework but no need to write code for CMS

  2. how we improve performance o wordpress site sir please tell me

    1. we can install some plugin you can easily search in google

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