Best software tools for online education and e-learning.

Best software tools for online education and e-learning.

The education system of our country is mostly affected by  COVID-19, when the education will be re-started with classroom style, no one knows.

You should never wait for classroom training. You should convert your teaching process online because now online is the best way to teach students from anywhere in the country . You can not teach only in India, you can teach students from worldwide.

If you have good knowledge skills in your domain as well as good communication skills then you can teach anywhere in the world.

At this crucial time, the education system can be converted online using multiple online tools.

The online session can be more effective if you provide recording of lectures, video conferencing, and doubt solving to can be much better when you solve the doubt frequently.

If students will learn only from the recording sessions, such as udemy, youtube, etc then the student can not learn technology completely.

Online session means students and teacher both will be live and you can teach students practically similar to classroom-style using Virtual Classroom application.

Now i am providing some software tools where you can easily conduct classes,.these all are software tools freely available in the internet , you can download and use it.

1 Skype video recording and audio recording software:-

Skype is free software tools, you can video calling as well as record your lecture, using a chat window you can discuss students problem, you can manage group calling to manage batches parallel.

It has good support and consume less internet downloading and provide better performance as compared to other software tools. You can communicate with students from mobile as well as PC.

2 Zoom video conferencing:-

This is free for 10 students and only 40 minutes lecture recording is free, otherwise, you can purchase is also very affordable and best for teaching and webinar.

3 Google Hangouts software tools:-

It is completely free tools, google provides the best performance and you can manage group calling and chat with students.

4 LifeSize :-

It is free tools you can easily download and it is free unlimited it provides a better dashboard for the virtual classroom.


It is open-source software tools you can easily install in your machine and manage video and audio calling.

You can also implement branding and advertisement for recorded videos of the class sessions using YouTube.

You should never think that YouTube is for money, initially, it is the best application for branding and shows your presentation and knowledge publicly because we can host a recorded session in YouTube free using YouTube channel.

For a computer institute, it was very beneficial to teach students online because software programming can be easily implemented practically.

I am also managing this for our institute to teach students online, you can also reduce your infrastructure cast from the online sessions.

My institute name is Shiva Concept Solution, You can watch my video session of an online class using


If you have any questions regarding this then you can ask me here.


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