Which programming language is best , after lockdown


Which programming language is best, after lockdown:-

Corona is measure natural disasters in a world, we already know that our software development work is depended on the USA, Australia, Britain Country. We all know the USA share is about 80% in IT Industry hence Software development field will be definitely affected by COVID-19. It is 100% true.

But you should never be feared with your career in IT, IT demands will be increased because now 70% of users will prefer online work for everything, it can be a new opportunity for IT students, learners, and Jobseeker.

You should learn technologies in-depth only basic knowledge is not enough. Computer degree BtechMCA is not enough for you. You should have good technical skills and expertise in any programming language.

Many students satisfy with the current time and they are enjoyedmisused this time.it can harmful to your careerEnjoyment is best for happiness but if you want to groom in your career then you should use your time to learn new skills because time never waits.

TOP 5 language for programming:-

1) PYTHON With Django for Web development:-

 It is script-based language and Django is a framework that provides a platform to develop a fast and dynamic application using MVC design pattern.

2)  Python With Data Science

Data science is used to provide data analysis using raw data, It provides a set of libraries (NumPy, SciPY, Pandas, etc)

3)  Python with ML:-

Machine learning provides programming logic using multiple algorithms for data science analysis as well as the automation system.

4)  JavaScript, Angular:-

Angular is a lightweight framework you can easily learn angular if you have basic knowledge of javascript.

5)  PHP  with Laravel and Codeigniter 4:-

Laravel is a framework of PHP, it is the most secure dynamic and reliable framework in the IT industry.
You can easily learn a Larvel framework if you have good knowledge of PHP.

You should learn any of these languages then your career can be bright and the company can hire you.

You should have expertise in that programming languages, at least you should create two or three projects work.

These all are open source languages. You can easily learn from youtube channel,udemy, institute, online class, and other platforms it depends on your choice, at least you should learn 3 to 4 hrs daily.

My suggestion is that you should join a session from an Indian instructor, especially from your nearest city because they can easily understand your logical concept, mental capacity, and your skills and you can easily communicate with them in your own languages.do not join the class for the showcase.

Now many students show certificates on Instagram, Facebook, and another platform. According to my opinion certificate has no meaning, only knowledge is important, you should focus to get knowledge that can not be shown on FB, this will show on your career.

This is a true point. If you want to succeed then you can follow my thoughts, do n't mind it's my opinion what I  have explained in my blog.if you support then I will create more blog for reality and motivationyou can ask your question in comment.thanks all the best.

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