Essential Interview Question For Web Designer and Developer | What is Web,Web page and Web Designing?

What is Web, Web page, and Web Designing? Introduction of WWW? Type of WebSite
Essential Interview Question For Web Designer and Developer

What is the web?

The web is the collections of a network that is used to contain unlimited data and transfer from one platform to another using Web Container that is called a Web page.

Web always will be accessed by www (World wide web. It is used to display web content worldwide using Internet Protocol.

We can also access Web pages using Intranet(local server) 

What is Web page:-

It is used to contain static and dynamic data that will be accessed by the network.

if a web page contains static data then it is called a static web page and if the web page contains dynamic data then it is called a dynamic web page.
Static web page content can not be modified by user's and it does not provide database integration.

Dynamic web page content can be modified by user's and it contains database integration to store dynamic data.

name of the static web page:-   HTML web page

name of dynamic web page :-  PHP web page,JSP web page,ASP Web page etc.

What is Web Designing:-

It is used to provide appearance and design to static and dynamic web pages using HTML,CSS,JS,BootStrap,Jquery,Image content,Video Content etc.

Now responsive web design is mandatory because now user's open web page from multiple devices such as a tablet,pc, mobile, etc.

For responsive web design, we will use media query,bootstrap-based CSS to display web content on different screen resolutions.

Profile for Web Designing:-  Web Designer, UI Developer, FrontEnd Developer.

UI Developer and Front End Developer should know Angular , Node, and React any of them including HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY, etc.

Step to develop Static Website:-

1)  Research or Requirement Gathering
  1.1) Client meeting and discussion

   1.2)  Create an application document that is called SRS (Software Requirement Specification)

 Related Profile for Analysis:-  Business analyst, Business Lead  

2)  Graphic Designing  (Create PSD (Photoshop Design), JPG)
    2.1)  Logo Design, banner design
    2.2) Internal page banner

Related Profile for Graphic Design:-  Graphic Designer

3)  Create HTML Web page using CSS,JS,Jquery,Bootstrap ,media content

Related Profile for Designing:-  Web Designer

4)  Create Responsive Web Design using BootStrap or Media Query

Related Profile for responsive web design:-  Web Designer 

5)  Testing or Quality assurance 

Related Profile for Analysis:-  Quality engineer

6)  Publish or Web hosting

Related Profile for hosting:-  Web Developer or Technical Support Team or Operation team.

Some other important information regarding Web site

What is HTTP?

It means a Hypertext transfer protocol that is used to send server content to a web browser using text format.

What is HTTPS?

It means the Hypertext transfer protocol that provides SSL means the Secure Socket layer which provides better security and the web crawler will check all requests and responses. It will not open your site if the client machine, browser contains any virus or malware.

What is DNS?

DNS means Domain name system, it provides category and utility of the domain of the site.

.com means commercial

.info  means information

.org means organization

.in means India


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