.NET Introduction,What is .NET? Scope of .NET


.NET is a common technology  and it support multiple framework that is used to create a different type of application using multiple programming languages.
.NET is not a programming language, It provides a platform to compile and execute many programming languages including C#, VB, J#, F#, C++, etc.
.NET was developed by Microsoft to enhance the VB6.VB language was platform-dependent and it is only for a desktop application.
.NET was created to develop a desktop and web-based application that can easily work on intranet (LAN) and internet-based applications.
.NET means network enable technology.
now .NET supports 90+ programming languages using a single framework hence .NET is also called multilanguage technology.
Type of application of .NET:-
1) Standalone application or Desktop application:- 
This type of application will be installed separately for each machine and it works individually for each PC.
1.1)  Windows Forms Application:-  for normal desktop application till windows 7.
1.2)  WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation):-  for advanced desktop application from Windows 8.
1.3)  Console application:- It provides a console interface similar to the command prompt.
2) Web application:-  This type of application will be used to create the internet and intranet-based application.
This type of application will be hosted on Web Server and access by a Web Browser.
Microsoft uses the IIS Server to host dynamic web pages, IIS means internet information services.
1)  ASP.NET Classic or ASP.NET Web Forms:-  Now it is an old approach to create dynamic web applications.
2)  ASP.NET MVC:-  It provides design provides to create distributed and large scale web applications.
3)  ASP.NET CORE:-  It is similar to ASP.NET MVC but it is open source tools of Microsoft which can be executed on LINUX, MAC, and other operating systems.
3) Service-based application:- This type of application is used to create Web service, Web API to implement .NET program code into another technology or device.
.NET Provide the following application to create a service-based application.
1)  Web Service:-  It provides a single file-based structure to write program code which will be executed into another application.
2)  WEB API:-  It supports MVC Design pattern where we can easily create services into multiple files. It is more secure and reliable as compared to Web Service.
3) WCF (Windows Communication and Foundation):-  WCF is also used to create Services that can be used in the Microsoft platform.
WCF also provides a self-hosted environment to create the application.
4) Database-based application:- .NET provided ADO.NET and Linq to implement database operation.
1)  Using ADO.NET:-  ADO means active data object it supports SQL query.
2)  Using LINQ(Language integrated query) with ADO.NET Entity Framework:-  LINQ means language integrated query , It provides separate query expression using a different type of model pattern.
Scope of .NET:-
Now, .NET is the most demanded technology in the IT industry, Many product-based company prefer the .NET platform to develop products.
.NET provides Rapid application development (RAD) and Rich Internet application (RIA).
.NET provide world most popular IDE tools visual studio and VS Code to create application easily.
.NET provide better security and performance for dynamic web application.


Future Scope of . NET:-
If you have good learning skills and make a career as a permanent developer then you can prefer only two technology in IT Industry.
1)  Java 
2) .NET                            
Different Version of . NET:-
1.0    ----> 2001
1.1    ---->  2003
2.0            2005
3.0            2008
3.5            2008
4.0          2010
4.5         2013
5.0         2019

Top 5 .NET Supported Language:-
1)  C#:-  this is the object-oriented programming language similar to java language, it is basically used to create a real-time applications.C# language was specially created to develop a .NET application.
2)  VB:-  It is an old language that was used under .NET Framework as a VB.NET.
3)  J#:-  J# is the java programming language
4)  F#:-  F# means Forton programming language
5)  VC++:-  It means Visual C++ that is used System Software under .NET Framework.
Every window o/s uses .NET to create UI(User Interface)
This means we can execute the C# program code without using VS also.
1)  Open notepad and type C# code
2)  Save C# code using .cs extension
3)  Set the path of .NET Framework under CMD using 
set path=C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
4)  Compile CS file 
    CSC Filename
5)  Execute . Exe file 
What is CLR?
It means common language runtime that is used to provide a virtual execution engine to the .NET platform.
IT is used to convert CIL code to machine code using JIT.
JIT means Just-In-Time Runtime Compiler under CLR that is used to convert the CIL code to machine code.
What is CIL?
It means Common Intermediate Language that will be created after compilation of any programming languages.
VB      Compilation        .exe
What is MSIL, IL Code
MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language)
What is the Assembly file in .NET?
.exe file is called assembled file that is used contain CIL code + Metadata.



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