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PHP means a Personal Home Page, It is a server-side script-based language that is specially designed to create a dynamic web application. but now PHP is professionally known as Hypertext preprocessor.
Hypertext:-  PHP provide text within tag with a complete block that is Hypertext block.

here <?   ?> is called Hypetext block
Preprocessor:-  All in-built or predefined functionality will be integrated by default under PHP Hypertext block, no need to import header files and library separately.
The server-side script will be executed by Web Server and communicate with the Database server for dynamic application development.
For example, PHP is a Server-side script which will be executed by Apache Server and communicate with MYSQL Database, Oracle Database, MS-SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc
PHP is open-source and free source web technology that provides multiple Web Framework(Codeigniter, Laravel, YI, CakePHP, etc) and CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, OSCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.
Open source means PHP script can be modified with internal specification and can be customized by any other developer's, agency or company.
All source code related to PHP Server, Software tools are available.
Free Source means all related software tools, component, CMS and Framework is freely available by PHP, you can download and use it.


History of PHP:-

PHP script was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 to create a resume counting application using CGI(Common gateway interface) programming.
in 1995 PHP has added many features and released for developer modification.
in 1996 PHP was professionally released and name it PHP/FI where FI means Form Interpreter.
in 1997 lots of new features added in PHP and released for professional work.
PHP Script is a combination of C and Pearl programming language initially it was implemented for UNIX operating system but when Window released then it support on windows operating system also.
The version of PHP:-
PHP 1.0
PHP 2.0
PHP 3.0
PHP 4.0
PHP 5.0
PHP 6.0
PHP 7.0
Scope of PHP:-
Now web application is the most trending technology for the IT world and PHP is a specialist for the Web application.
Features of PHP:-
Now I am providing some features of PHP to implement PHP real-world.
1)  Easy to learn:-  PHP provides a simple syntax structure hence we can easily learn PHP Code.
1.1)  no datatype required
1.2) user-friendly error message
2) Light-weight:- PHP is a light-weight script hence it can be executed in less resource.
hence PHP performance is much better as compared to other script-based languages.
3) Open source and free source:-  PHP is open-source hence we can easily customize and debug it. all related software tools of PHP is freely available.
4)  CMS Support:- We can easily create dynamic web applications using fewer resources and fast as compare to code by scratch.
5) Support framework:-  PHP has the most popular framework CI, Laravel, YI, CakePHP which provide large application development using MVC and AGILE approach.
MVC is the design pattern which means Model, View, and Controller.
6) Secure:- PHP support Object-oriented programming structure and various predefined method for data security.


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