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 What is Database?

A database is a systematic collection of data. it will use on electronic storage and manipulation of data. using this we can implement data management and data storage of application.

The database is used to store information using a structured and unstructured pattern, in the structured pattern it stores data using a table pattern and unstructured pattern it stores data using file pattern.

The database provides separate partition into the disk to store application data permanently, for example, if the application contains registration form then all registration-based data will be stored under the database.

The database uses various database software to perform database operations.

TOP 5 Database software:-

1)  Oracle:-  It is the best database software which provides large data storage, if we want to create a large database server then we can use Oracle database Server.

Oracle is the most secure and enterprise software tool in the IT Industry. all ERP based, SAP-based, Secure domain(Banking, Insurance, Gateway) prefer oracle database software,

Now Oracle 19c  is the latest edition of Oracle that is called Oracle Cloud.

Related Software Tools:-  Oracle SQL Developer, SQL Plus

2)  MS-SQL Server:-  It is called Microsoft SQL Server that was created by Microsoft company especially for .NET Software development, but we can use MS-SQL into another application software such as Java, PHP, Python, etc.

It is also the most secure and reliable database software into IT Industry, many ERP product has used MS-SQL as database software.

SQL Server 2019 is the latest version of SQL Server.

Related Software Tools:-  SQL Server Management Studio

3)  MYSQL Server:-  It is the most useful light-weight database software, it is completely open-source software that is mostly used by middle level and small level applications.

all open source-based technology prefer MYSQL database server for database operations.

PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java languages prefer MYSQL Server.

The latest edition of Mysql is 8.1 


4)  PostgreSQL:-  It is the best light-weight, open-source database software, this database performance is best for medium-scale application.

Postgre SQL software is compatible with all open source technology such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

Postgre SQL 9.6 is the latest version of PostgreSQL software.

Related Software Tools:-  pgAdmin, DBeaver

5)  SQLite:-  It is also light-weight, open-source software that can be used for a medium-scale application, and small scale application.

SQLite is created to manage mobile application database information but now it can be used in all technologies.

By default Android and iOS use SQLite database software tools to store offline data. but now SQLite is compatible with Django, Rails, PHP, and all other technologies.

the latest version of SQLite:-  3.33 is the latest version

Related Software Tools:-  SQLiteStudio, Db Browser 

What is SQL:-

First I clear about to you that SQL is not a database, many students confused that SQL is database but SQL is the only language that is common for all database software.

Means if you want to use MYSQL, SQL Server, ORACLE, PostgreSQL, SQLite then SQL is common.

Initially, SQL was known as SEQUEL means Structured Query English Language after some time its name was changed as SQL (Structured Query Language).

SQL languages are based on command, methods, operator, and clause, means if you want to learn SQL then you should know command(insert,update,delete,select,etc),operator(IN,Between,Like,etc),methods(max,min,avg,etc) and clause(where,groupby,orderby,having,etc)

How many ways Write SQL Language?

We can write SQL using two different ways:-

1)  Normal SQL or Statement Pattern:-  we will write SQL Query using different statements. using this we can write only Single Statement.

2)  PL/SQL:-  We can write more than one SQL Statement to create procedure, function, triggers, and cursor object.

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