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Globalization Testing:-

It is used to test an application using multiple languages support that all countries according to requirements can operate the system easily.

Google translator API is used to provide globalization support.

It is also called  internationalization Testing (I18N Testing)
What is Internationalization Testing (I18N Testing)?
It is Globalization testing.

What is Localization Testing (L10N Testing)?

Localization is a process of adapting globalization software for a specific region or language by adding local-specific components. we can create UI and content according to regional specific.

What is Installation Testing?

It is to check whether the application is successfully installed and it is working as expected after is part of smoke testing that was implemented on the initial build.

What is Formal Testing?

It is a process where the testers test the application by having pre-planned procedures and proper documentation. this type of testing follows complete STLC flow.

What is Risk-Based Testing?

Identify the modules or functionalities which are most likely to cause failures and then testing those functionalities. this is used to decide the weak point of an application.

What is Monkey Testing?

Perform abnormal action on the application deliberately in order to verify the stability of the application. means if we test application randomly to find the defects is called monkey testing.

It is also called informal testing or ad-hoc testing.

What is Gorilla Testing?

It is also the part of informal testing where we test the same component of an application multiple times with multiple test data combinations. It is part of negative testing because the testing team's intention is to find bug anyhow.

What is Concurrency Testing?

Concurrency testing means accessing the application at the same time by multiple users to ensure the stability of the system. This is mainly used to identify deadlock issues.

In most of the cases in API testing, we mostly refer to concurrency testing because we can execute multiple APIs in a concurrent way.

What is Fuzz Testing?

Fuzz testing is used to identify coding errors and security loopholes in an application. By inputting massive amounts of random data to the system in an attempt to make it crash to identify if anything breaks in the application.

What is Adhoc Testing?

Ad-hoc testing is quite opposite to formal testing. It is an informal testing type. In Adhoc testing, testers randomly test the application without following any documents and test design techniques. This testing is primarily performed if the knowledge of testers in the application under test is very high. Testers randomly test the application without any test cases or any business requirement document.

What is Bucket Testing?

Bucket testing is a method to compare two versions of an application against each other to determine which one performs better. it is part of build testing. It is also called A/B testing. it is also called Split testing.

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