Java Fundamental Interview Question


Java Fundamental Interview Question:-

Test your Java Fundamental Skills

 Java Fundamental Question is the first impression of the interview, if you not answering this then it provides a bad impression to the interviewer during the interview because you know first impression is the last impression.

hence if you know very well advance skill and not know fundamental skills then you will never select in the interview.
now I am helping you to provide fundamental interview questions of java.

Q1)  What is Java?  Java is programming language or technology? initial stage Java was programming language?

Q2)  Explain System.out.println(), what is System, what is out, what is println()?

Q3)  How to take input from user's, explain, what is Scanner class?, It is possible to take input without using Scanner class?

Q4) Explain public static void main(), what is public, what is static, what is void, what is main()?, what is String args[] in main(), can we change args identifier to hello.

Q5)  Without the main() class will compile or not, without main() class will execute or not?

Q6)  What is the difference between byte code and binary code, what is the difference between binary code and machine code? which code operating system will process?

Q7)  Java is 100% Object Oriented or not? if it is not then why explain it?

Q8)  What is the native library in Java, It will be linked after compilation,a execution or before compilation?

Q9) What is the Java language compiler?

Q10)  What is JIT, JVM, Java Interpretar, Java ClassLoader, Java Stack, Java Heap, BootStrap ClassLoader, JNI?

Q11)   What is the difference between Interpretuar and JIT?

Q12)  What is Class Area in JVM, explain the role of Class Area in JVM?

Q13)  What is explicit and implicit type conversion in Java, what is boxing and unboxing concept in Java?

Q14)  How operator has been defining in Java? using the native library or Java library?

Q15)  how to declare constant in java? the difference between static and,  static both can be declared in the same variable?

Q16) what is instance type, static type variable in Java?

Q17)  If you have options based program then you will prefer if-else or switch statement, if switch statement then explain why?

Q18)  Nested switch is possible in java or not?

Q19)  We can write do--while under for loop and for loop under do--while loop?  when we use while loop in a program? which is the best loop while or for loop?

Q20)  What is the difference between break, continue statement?

Q21)  if you have 7 different values of the same type, you should 

calculate the sum of the all data then what you will prefer?

Q22)  What is a jagged array and multi-dimension array? where you will use Jagged array?

Q23)  Which is the latest version of Java?

Q24)  What is Java Framework, Why corporate use framework for java application development?

Q25)  What is the major difference between C++ and Java?

Q26)  JVM is platform dependent or platform-independent, Java is platform-independent or dependent?

Q27)  if we compile Java program form the Linux operating system then it will execute into the windows operating system?

Q28)  What is the Superclass of Java, What is the default package of Java, what is the default access modifier in Java?

Q29)  What is the major limitation of java Primitive data type?

Q30)  What is the major limitation of java Array?

If you want to submit an answer then write on a comment I will verify and remark your answer.

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  1. 1. Java is a programming language .It is a high level ,robust,object oriented and secure programming language .I was developed by sun microsystem in 1995.

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