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 Python Interview Question for freshers:-

Many freshers students face problems in Python basic interview questions, now I am posting some basic interview questions of Python.

1)  What is  Python? Python is compiled or Interpreted?  Python has a machine code or Byte code? Who develops python?

2)  using python, can we create System software?

3)  Python has a data type or not?  explain the size of int, float, char, etc?

4)  What is the difference between C and Python?

5)  Python is Script-based or Code based language, explain in details?

6)  Python is an operating System dependent or Independent?

7)  Python is low level, high level or Middle-level language explain it?

8) Which operating System python script executed first?

9)  What is docstring in Python?

10)  How we can remove front-space from Python code?

11)  What is the membership and identity operator in Python?

12)  Python support typecasting or Type conversion?

13)  What is the difference between Python 2 and Python 3?

14)  Python script support array type variable or not?

15)  What is a ternary operator in Python?

14)  What is lamda and keyword-based function in Python?

15)  Is it possible to convert tuple objects to list and list objects to a tuple?

16)  What is a decorator in python explain with Syntax?

17)   What are Pickling and Unpickling?

18) What is monkey patching?

19) How is memory managed in Python?

20) What is PEP 8?

21) What are the global and local variables in Python?

22) What is the join method in python?

23) How would you sort a dictionary in Python?

 24) Explain the difference between a generator and an iterator in Python.

25) What are Python modules?

26) Implement wildcards in Python

27) How Would You Generate Random Numbers in Python?

 28) What Is the Purpose of the Pass Statement?

29) How Will You Check If All the Characters in a String Are Alphanumeric?

30) How Would You Remove All Leading Whitespace in a String?

31) Differentiate Between append() and extend().

32) What Are *args and *kwargs?

33) How Can You Copy Objects in Python?

34) What Is the Difference Between range() and xrange() Functions in Python?

35)  What is a magic function in Python?

36)  Difference between remove() and del() in Python?

37)  How we can write and read data in a binary file in python?

38)  What is PIP software in the Python world?

39) Name some of the important modules that are available in Python.

40)  What is exception handling in Python?


If you have any doubt in programming or join online classes then you can contact us by comment .

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If you have any doubt in programming or join online classes then you can contact us by comment .

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