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 What is Class View in Django?

The class view is used to create view methods using class and object pattern, it provides better usability and oops features implementation in the Django Project.

Django provides a separate module to implement Class View


go into and create a class using the following module:

from django.views import View

class GreetingView(View):

    greeting = "Good Day"

    def get(self, request):

        return HttpResponse(self.greeting)


Implement Urls to define a class view:-

from frontdesk.views import GreetingView

urlpatterns = [

 path('grt/', GreetingView.as_view()),


Render View in Django using Class View:-

class Hello(View):

     s = "frontdesk/index.html"

     def get(self,request):

      return render(request,self.s)

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