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 OOPS Interview Question in Java:-

OOP's is the most important topic of the interview, especially for JAVA.

I am providing some most important interview questions based on OOP'S.

1)   What is OOPS?

2)   Why we use OOP'S technique in programming?

3)  What is the full form of OOP'S?

4)  What is the definition of Object, Class depends on object or Object is depend on class?

5) What is the difference between Object and Instance(reference)?

6)  What is the Garbage collector in Java, how it works?

7)  What are the Access modifier(Access Control, Access Specifier) and non-access modifiers in Java?

8) What is an immutable object in Java?

9) What is Singleton class, Concreate class,  Inner class in Java?

10) What is the final class, the final method, and the final variable in Java?

11)  What is another way to protect class from an inheritance except for the final class?

12) What is init block, static block, and constructor, if all three present then what will be the execution process?

13)  What is the difference between abstract class and interface?

14)  what component can be defined under the interface?

15)  How to restrict the class to create only three objects?

16)  why Java does not support operator overloading?

17)  tell the name of five predefine final class?

18)  Java Support multiple inheritances or not?  if not support then why, if support then how?

19)  What is getInstance(), toString(), equals() in Java?

20)  What is data abstraction, how to implement it into the Java Program Code?

21)  What are the IS-A and HAS-A relationships in Java?

22)  What is Composition, Aggregation, and Association in Java?

23)  What is static binding and dynamic binding?

24)  What is a Generic class in Java?

25) What is Anonymous class and Anonymous Object in Java?

If you want to show MOCK Interview of Java then watch this video session:-

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