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In this article, I am explaining, how to prepare for a Skype technical interview session. I have also provided a Live Skype Interview Session below, you can see and get an idea of Skype round.

Skype interviews are more common in today’s job market due to convenience, flexibility, and money-saving benefits for employers. This video is going to talk about how to face Skype interviews. Watch this video to know more tips during the and after the Skype interview.

This is a Skype round interview of java fresher's, I have posted a live interview to get an idea about the skype round of technical interviews for Java learners.
He performs well because this was the first interview of him on skype, you can learn from this. you should also discover the weakness and positiveness during the interview.

When we take an interview with fresher or experienced then they do some common mistakes, you can also observe your mistake during skype or telephonic interview.

When you did not listen properly then you can ask to repeat the question from the interviewer, you should always speak loudly that provides a better positive approach to the interviewer.

Always choose a silent place during the interview and do not hesitate to give an answer, never think to copy the answer from the internet that will be easily understandable by the interviewer.

In this article, I am posted the latest interview session of freshers of java, during the interview he tries to give all answers but only a few answers are correct. if you not know the answer properly then you simply say sorry or I don't know.

Interviewers should also take the interview politely and if they answer wrong then never tell wrong instantly.because candidates can lose confidence for the next question.

I have discussed the following question during the interview you can know the answer to see the complete video.

project explanation, what is System.out.println() what is public static void main() what is the role in your project which database you have used in the application? what is final and finally? what is the concrete class in java? what is a non-access modifier in java? what is servlet? what is the difference between JSP and Servlet? how you connect database from a java application? what is the static block and main() and tell me the step of execution? what is init block in java? tell me the step of init block and static block?

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The first step in the Skype interview makes sure you've downloaded, installed, and tested Skype's app well before your interview is scheduled.

Pre-interview Skype tips

The Next step is, you need to have a professional Skype ID, the first thing your interviewer will see is your Skype username and picture, so make sure that they are both interviews appropriate.

After that set up your camera, so that your face is nicely framed. Here one thing you need to make sure that you have tested your microphone, to avoid poor sound quality that will distract from what you say.
It is very important to have bright lighting, make sure your skin tone to appear as natural as you can by adjusting the camera's settings. If you wear glasses, minimize your computer monitor's reflection in your glasses.

During the Skype interview tips

Be sure to have a good posture and relax your shoulders to avoid stiffness. We would say that looking at the camera is the only way to have good eye contact with the interviewer, not the screen
So we suggest that, treat your Skype interview like an in-person interview and dress professionally from head to toe. The third step in the Skype interview is to make sure that your phone and desktop notifications on silent, which is distracting and unprofessional.
And also check that your surroundings are quiet during the interview. To crack your Skype interview, Prepare some notes beforehand, but make sure your notes are easily catchable so that you use them as quick reminders, not a script.
The next step is to keep your professional documents within reach, such as a copy of your resume, reference list, recommendation letters, ID cards, work-experience certificates, etc.
Finally, send a thank-you letter after a Skype interview, as it is in an in-person interview. Avoid following up on Skype, unless the interviewer requests it!

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