Advanced Java Interview Question


Q1)    What is Servlet, explain servlate life cycle ?

Q2)  What is Filter in  Java?

Q3)  Explain the JSP Page Life Cycle?

Q4)  What is a Java bean class?

Q5)  What is ResultSet in Java, define different methods of ResultSet to implement code?

Q6)  What is the difference between RequestDisptacher, explain the difference between forward() and include() in java?

Q7)  What is Session in Java, how to define session under servlet and JSP?

Q8)  What is Cookie in Java, how to get data from particular cookie objects?

Q9)  Write SQL Query to update a record, delete record, join operation 

Q10)  What is AJAX, how to implement AJAX in JSP and Servlet?

Q11)   What is MVC Architecture in Java, how to implement it using JSP, Servlet, and Bean Class?

Q12)  How to upload multiple files?

Q13)  How to implement server-side and client-side validation in JSP forms?

Q14)  How to use Java Bean Class in JSP Web Page

Q15)  Explain about JSP Predefine Tag?

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