Create Test Case for following Test Scenerio of Live Project


I am creating a Test Scenario to implement the Integration Testing of the EroomRent application.

Test Scenario for Component Testing:-

1)  Test header component of Guest

2)  Test footer component of EroomRent. as a Guest

3)  Test Search component of

4)  Test Registration and login of Tenant

5)  Test Registration and login of Owner

6)  Test Contact us page of EroomRent

7)  Test Owner Dashboard Section

8) Test Add room and View Room  option of Owner Dashboard 

9)  Test Tenant Login ----> Search(Recently added room)  --- Listing ---> Booking --->Logout--> Owner Login ---> View Booking  (Test only valid data)

10)  Test Tenant Dashboard

11)  Test Booking Options of Tenant Dashboard

13)  Test Registration and login of Broker

14)  Test Add Room and View Room Options to Broker

15)  Test View Booking Options to Broker

16)  Test Edit Room options to Broker

Integration Testing for Tenant Module from login to Booking

1)  Search ---> View Room ---> Booking -=-> Registration ---> Login---> Booking Confirmation ( First time visited user)

2)  Registration ---> Login ---> Search ---> Booking  page ---> Booking Confirmation

3)  Login----> Dashboard ---> View Previous Booking (If user is already registered)

4)  Search---> Booking  Page ---> Login ---> Confirm Booking ( if user is already registered)

5)  Search -----> ViewBooking ---> Confirm Booking  (if user already login)

Integration Testing for Owner:-

1)  Register---> Login --> Add Room----> View Room --> View Booking ----> Logout

2)  Login --- > Add Room ---> Viewbooking

System Testing for tenant and owner

1) Owner Reg ---> Login ---> ADD Room ---> Logout -----> Tenant Registration ---> Tenant Login ---> Tenant Search of owner posted room ---> Booking ----> Confirm Booking --->Logout--> Owner Login -- > View Booking (Recently booked tenant information should be shown) ---> Logout

Create Test Case for following Test Scenario of  Shiva Concept Digital-

URL is

Objective:-  this application is used to provide recorded lectures for e-Learning.

Type of User's:-

1)    Admin ---->  Full Access

2)    Student ----->  

1)  Not Activated

  1.1)  Registration ---> Login ----> Demo 

 1.2)  Registration  ---->  Login ---->  Booking

2)  Activated Students for Particular Courses

2.1)   Registration  ---->  Login  ----->  Read Lectures for Particular Courses  ---> Book Lecture for Particular Course

2.2)  Login --- > Booked Course ----> Ask Doubt

Test Scenario:-

For Guest:-

1)  Check Compete Front Page((

2)  Check Courses Page (

3)   Check the Course details page(

For Learner:-

1)  Create Test Case Report for Learner Registration and Login

2)  Create Test Case Report for Course Booking( Already Login, Already Registered and log in again, Already activated learner to book from course page then log in, already activated learner direct login then course booking.

3)  Create Test Casse Report for Reg---> Login ---> Demo Video ---> Ask Question ---> Logout

Integration Testing of course booking:-

1)   visit front page ---->  select course---> course details page -=--> pay to activation ---> registration----> login ---> click to pay to activation --> click to pay --->  Pay now--->  Payment Gateway Process---->  Success| Fail ( if payment success then course will be added into dashboard page otherwise provide error message payment failed and course should not be added)

2)  Already Login ---> Course Select --> Pay to activation --> Click to pay ---> Payment Gateway Process ---> Success then course added to dashboard otherwise provide failure message.

3)  Reg ---> Login --> Course Select ---> Pay to activation ---> Click to pay ---> Payment Gateway Process --> Success then course added to dashboard otherwise provide failure message

Security Testing Test Case Checklist:-

1)  Only one user can access the courses from one device, for example, if you are logged in on multiple devices same time then the last login will be activated.

2)  users can not be downloaded any videos before purchasing courses.

3)  Check SQL Injection scripts on login to access by username and SQL injector expression for password.

4)  Check the Browser back button, after login content should not be accessible.

5)  Check Internal URL (after login), can not be accessible after logout.

6)  Password should be Strong Invisible and encrypted.

7)  Check the Browser session on the same PC.

Project Title:-

Objective:-  It is online mobile, tablet repairing services-based web application.

Module of Project

1)  Guest:- He can visit all external web pages without a login

2)  Customer:-   He will perform login operation, registration, booking confirmation, access dashboard, show previous order, edit profile, logout

3)  Admin:-  Admin has full rights under the project

    1)  Manage Brand

    2)  Manage Device

    3)  Manage Device Part & pricing

     4)  Manage Customer

      5)  View an order of all store

      6)  Manage billing

      7)  View Feedback

       8)  Report

             Customer Report

             Booking Report

              Finance Report

        9)  Login & Logout     

      10)  Manage Store

4)  Store:-

    View Particular Store Order

     View Particular Customer Information

     Manage to the bill of store

     View Feedback of Store

     Login & Logout

Technology Specification:-

1)  Frontend:-   HTML5,CSS3, BootStrap, Javascript

2)   Backend:-    Codeigniter Framework of PHP

3)   Database:-   MYSQL


Test Scenario for Guest Module:-

1)  Check header component of

2)  Check Footer Component of EFixman.Com

3)  Check Search Component of EFixman.Com

4)  Check Login Form of Customer

5)  Check Registration Form of Customer

6)  Check the Contact us page

7)  Check device part & estimation post (After search)

8)  Add to cart, View Cart, Clear Cart, Checkout

Test Scenario for Admin Dashboard:-
Create Testcase Report & Bug Report
1)  Check the order detail page, the device receiving the form, Final Billing, Final Invoice with GST, final invoice without GST.
2)  Check to Manage user/sub-admin page
3)  Check Manage GST options
4)  Check Manage Brand options
5) Check Manage Product options
6)  Check Manage Services
7)  Check Manage Franchise details
8)  Check Order Filter Page
9)   Check Manage Gallery Options
10)  Check Manage Offer
To implement Integration Testing:-

1)  Search Brand and device by home page--->  Fill mobile no for first time user's --->  Add to cart --->  View Cart( by top icon or view cart button) ----> Cart check out page --->  Login ---> Register for new user's--->  Login --->  Confirmed CheckOut--->  Logout.

2)   Login --->  Dashboard --->  View orders --->  Logout

3)   Login ----->  Search from home page --->  Add to cart -->  View Cart ---> Place Order ---> Dashboard --->  View Order

Integration Testing from Admin Dashboard to Customer

Integration Testing for

1)  Manage order by customer and view by admin

2)  Manage brand by admin that should be shown to end-users.

3)  Manage Product by admin and show product to end-users

4) Manage Services on the basis of a product by admin and it should be shown to end users

5)  Verify Order Filter by Admin

6)  Enduser's will enter mobile that will show to admin by the dashboard.

Test Scenarios for Shiva Concept Solution Application:-

1)  Create Test Cases For  Home Page (Hyperlink, Content, Navigation Page)

2)  Create Test Cases for the courses page(Hyperlink, Content, Navigation Page)

3)  Create Test Cases for the Contact us page

4)   Create Test Cases for Live Demo Classes (

5)   Create Test Cases for the Paynow button

Create Bug Report of Following Site:-

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