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Create Test Case for following Test Scenario of

I am creating a Test Scenario to implement the Integration Testing of the EroomRent application.

Integration Testing for Tenant Module from Login to Booking

1)  Search ---> View Room ---> Booking -=-> Registration ---> Login---> Booking Confirmation ( First time visited user)

2)  Registration ---> Login ---> Search ---> View Booking ---> Booking Confirmation

3)  Login----> Dashboard ---> View Previous Booking (If user is already registered)

4)  Search---> ViewBooking ---> Login ---> Confirm Booking ( if user is already registered)

5)  Search -----> ViewBooking ---> Confirm Booking(if user already login)

Integration Testing for Owner:-

1)  Register---> Login --> Add Room----> View Room --> View Booking ----> Logout

2)  Login --- > Add Room ---> Viewbooking

Integration Testing for tenant and owner

1) Owner Reg ---> Login ---> ADD Room ---> Logout -----> Tenant Registration ---> Tenant Login ---> Tenant Search of owner posted room ---> Booking ----> Confirm Booking ---> Owner Login -- > View Booking ---> Logout

Create Test Case for following Test Scenario of  Shiva Concept Digital-

URL is

1)  Create Test Case Report for Learner Registration and Login

2)  Create Test Case Report for Course Booking

3)  Create Test Casse Report for Reg---> Login ---> Demo Video ---> Ask Question ---> Logout

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