Test Scenerio of Mobile Testing, Test Coverage for Mobile Testing


 Test Scenario of Mobile Testing, Test Coverage for Mobile Testing:-

Mobile Testing is the most important testing for today's IT world because 90% of users operate applications from mobile devices.

The web application can be easily tested by the web browser but the mobile device has no limit, Mobile application has a wider screen that's why it is most important to check.

Type of Mobile Testing

1)  Functional Testing:-  compete for the business flow of the application and check all individual screen functionality.

2)  UI Testing:-

   2.1)  Landscape | Portrait mode

   2.2)  Language Testing

3)  Cross Platform and Device Testing

4)  NON Functional Testing

       4.1) Performance Testing

      4.2)  Security

     4.3)  Accessibility

    4.4)   API Testing

5)  Real-time environment Testing

     5.1)  Test Network conditions

    5.2) Test user interaction 

    5.3)  Test Foreground and Background State

   5.4)  Gesture


Type of Mobile Application:-

1)  Native iOS/Android application

2)  Hybrid Mobile Application

3)  Web App

4)  PWA (Progressive Web App)

Test Scenario:-

1)  Check Compete Business Flow

1.1) Without Login as a Guest

Welcome Screen ---> SKIP --->  ALL Courses LIST with Price  --->  View demo Video of Particular courses

1.2)  With log in with deactivated user's

Welcome Screen ---> Skip --> All Courses LISt with Price --->  View Demo Video ---> Login ---> not registered---> Registration ---> Booking Confirmatio for selected course --> Payment by Razor Payment Gateway ---> Booked Course Confimation.

1.3)  With the login with activated user's:-

      Login ----> Show Purchase Course ----> Show Courses under Video View ----> Hande Video by Zoom in | Zoom Out ---> Visit to next Videos ----> ASK QUERY ----> Back--->  View only demo session for Deactivated Coursess ---->  Activate It..


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