Technology Overview for Software Developer, QA and Full Stack Developer


In this article, I am discussing basic technical skills and technology overview and profile.

I am also discussing frontend, backend, database, server information.

What is Frontend

Front End:- It is used to design UI(User Interface of any application)

Profile:-  UI/UX Developer, Web Designer,  Front-End Developer

Type of Design 

1)  Traditional design:- HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JS

2)   Modern design:-    REACT, ANGULAR

3)  Graphics & Animation:-  Corel Draw, Illustrator, Jquery(animation)


It is used to create a set of programs to implement software-related tasks.

1)  Desktop Application:-  C, C++, Core Java, C#, PYTHON

 (Operating, VLC Media Player, Driver, Paint, Notepad)

 Profile:-  Programmer, Software Developer      

2)  Web Application:-  PHP, PYTHON(Django), JAVA(J2EE), ASP.NET, ROR(Ruby on Rails)

Profile:-  Web Developer

3)  Mobile Application:-

3.1)  Native Mobile Application:-  

it will execute under the specific operating system. we will separately design the application for Android and iOS

Programming language:-  Android with Java & Kotlin, ios With swift

3.2)   Hybrid Mobile Application:-  

It will execute under all mobile operating systems, we will design hybrid applications under a common platform.

Programming language:-   Flutter, React Native, XAMRIN with C#

3.3)  Mobile Web App:-  Responsive Web Application for Mobile Application

 Created by Any FrontEnd, Backend     

   Profile:-   APP Developer

Database:-  It provides storage to store data using Structured patterns, the database provides a collection of tables to store records. The database provides individual software that can be executed under the database server.

1)  Oracle  2)  MS-SQL-Server   3)  MYSQL  Server   4)  Postgray SQL   5)  IBM DB2

Mobile database, Sqlite

In-memory database


Profile:-  Database Developer 


Web Server?

It provides an environment for the host application, the webserver can be operated by

1)  Local:-  local webserver, localhost,

2)  Remote Server:-  server will be virtual under the server provider

            google cloud,  AWS (Amazon Web Server), Window AZURE( Microsoft)

Name of Web Server

PHP -=---->   APACHE Web Server

Java ------->  JBOSS, Glassfish, TOMCAT APACHE

.NET --------->  IIS(Internet Information Services)

Who will handle Server Operation?

DevOps  Engineer



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